Biological products

These medicinal products are leading the field in medical research currently. They are useful because what they are specifically designed to do is to replicate the cells and antibodies which exist in the human body. These can aid in creating vaccines and cures to common ailments as well as in temporary replacement of missing tissues and other cells that are vital to the processes performed daily by the human body.

The regulation of Biology

Because of their important nature, biological products are very carefully regulated by the FDA. The FDA ensures that allergy reducing products, blood, gene therapy kits and much more. These biological products can be donated by a willing donor, such as blood or bone marrow to be used in transfusions for patients with blood conditions, or they can be artificially replicated. The artificial creation of biological products is a fast growing field in medicine and is advancing a little bit every day. Recently a science team has found a way to artificially copy blood, and to make, in essence, fake blood. This will have mostly military applications, as it will be applied to military men that have been hurt in combat zones, but once it is sufficiently used to success on the military, it can be sanctioned for closer research and may someday even be able to be used in hospitals that are unable to keep large stocks of real human blood for some reason. The reason that biological products exist is to help stop the body from deteriorating due to physical illnesses, or to graft on new parts of the body altogether, which is what stem cell research attempts to do. This is certainly the way of the future.