Geothermal energy

Obtaining geothermal energy is the process of taking the heat that comes from within the earth and harnessing that power in order to create electricity. It is not the most popular form of alternative energy available as it is still being worked on heavily, but as research continues, so will developments in this field and soon it can be one of the leading energy sources in the world.

How geothermal energy works

Geothermal energy has actually been around much longer than people realize, but that could just be because of the broad sounding term. Actually, geothermal energy has been harnessed by amateurs for ages. The Greek bath houses were usually built over areas where heat was known to come from the ground water. The water would be purified and would be hot enough to bathe comfortably in. This is how the baths could be heated before they knew anything about how to artificially heat anything in mass quantities. They didn’t boil all of the water over fire; some of it was due to geothermal energy. Also, the host springs in yellow stone and other areas are all the result of pressures built up and caused by geothermal energy. This form of energy dates back to the time of the earth’s formation. Radioactive particles as well as heat from the lava and fire at the earth’s core were what caused these springs to occur on the surface. There are even areas underwater where the bubbles leaking out of certain crevices can be so hot that any human that touches them will be instantly scalded. This is a waning to any divers that wish not to be cooked. It may be best to get a geothermal map and know where all of the pockets of unbridled energy are so they can be avoided.