Plastic Planet

Plastic Planet is an Austrian documentary film about the plastic industry and how it operates. It is in the style of a Michael Moore type documentary where one man goes out to uncover the truth about a mysterious corporation, the same narrator and interviewer being present in nearly every scene. The film debuted in early 2009 to mixed reviews.

What they have to say about Plastic Planet

Plastic Planet is most often criticized as not delivering any information that wasn’t already obvious. Most people, from what little information they probably know about plastic, will already know more about plastic than this film will teach them after they watch it. Many times the lead interviewer of the film will ask for an interview, be turned down, and then leave without exploring the issue further. Places where they say the film is strengthened are that it is not all just a gloomy portrait of the desolate wasteland that the Earth will become if plastic does not become more regulated. It is also just a fun and factual documentary about the history of plastic, and how plastic can show up in many places where we did not even know it could exist before. So while the director and creator of the film is not the most intrepid reporter, he at least has an interesting direction to take the film in when the plastics industry in unwilling to give away information on how their products work. This film proves that plastic is a very secretive thing and something which the industry likes to quiet down about, though it only shows the Austrian perspective on this. Europe could be much different from the rest of the world in this regard.