Refeed the World

Refeeed the World is a movie made in the late 2000’s that shows the unethical and dangerous practices of agricultural and energy based businesses and how they are harming the planet in order to increase business.

What happens in the movie?

Viewers of this movie are exposed to many different images including rainforest being cut down and burned in Brazil to build soy bean plantations only to find out that the soil was entirely unsuitable to harvest soybeans in. Then the video cuts to show a lot of underprivileged children in Brazil without food and water and necessary resources to foster abundant life. This is a documentary that does little to show how things can be changed but does much to instruct the viewer on the things that are really wrong with the way that business is handled today. It is because of these unfortunate mistakes like cutting down trees and throwing away bread that is only slightly stale that the world is in the sorry state that it is in today. Grocery stores have a policy of not allowing food to be kept past the expiration date. While some then donate the expired food to charity, others simply throw the food away. This way nobody can benefit from the food, and all of it went to waste simply because the original batch was too large. While this is not necessarily an unethical practice, as the actual act of throwing the food away can’t be attributed to any single person, Refeed the World goes to show viewers that there is definitely something wrong with the way corporations conduct business in modern times and educates the viewer on the atrocities that go on behind the scenes.