Wind energy

Wind energy is energy that is created by the wind. It is usually harnessed by systems of heavy duty industrial metal pinwheels arranged in a conglomeration known as a wind farm. When the wind hits the pinwheels they begin to spin, and due to their rotary nature, they can spin long after the wind is done blowing. This spinning creates kinetic energy which is then harnessed by the operators of the machines and can be dispensed into people’s homes later.
Why wind energy?
Since wind energy is a relatively recent development, people have been asking, why wind energy? After all, coal and oil seem to be doing the job fine so far. The truth is, not only are both coal and oil notorious for ruining the earth’s ecosystem and creating a slowly uninhabitable environment, but they are running out fast. Once the coal and oil are gone, there will be no more electricity except through natural sources like hydroelectric current, solar energy, and wind. Since wind is the most efficient of those three, it stands to reason that wind is one of the best investments a person can make. It is clean and it will not mess up the earth at all since it is natural product of the earth. Wind energy can be harnessed on the large scale or on the small scale. Some electric companies that use coal, partner with wind farms to lessen their coal expenditure each month. Some companies also offer these pinwheels of an appropriate size to be installed in the yards of homes, to take down the electrical usage of the household 33 to 50 percent each month, and the government also gives tax breaks to those that choose these installations.